Faithful Career Moves Podcast

Interviews with extraordinary people doing ordinary things to support their families.

Melinda Wheelwright Brown

Patiently Waiting for Her Chance to “Make a Difference”

After taking care of everyone else, this stay-at-home mom finally got the go-ahead to start a business of her own, but it was not at all the business she expected.

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Dr. Lyman and her family

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice For Your Education?

From getting up in the middle of the night to living apart from her family for two years, this former stay-at-home mom made many sacrifices to earn two master’s degrees and a doctorate in record time.

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Michele Portlock, Navigating the Spectrum

Turning a Family Struggle into a Family Business

After going back to school to get the tools she needed to better-parent her own children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Michele Portlock wanted to share what she learned with other desperate parents.

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Shelley Hunter, founder

My Founder Story: Fix and Go Forward

When my business failed financially, I had to choose between going back to a former career or finding a new way to support my family.

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