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Interviews with extraordinary people doing ordinary things to support their families.

Jaylene Groeniger, Real Estate Agent

Finding a New Home (and Business) After a Devastating Financial Loss

When she lost her business, her savings, and all hope of a quick financial recovery, Jaylene Groeniger returned to her roots and dug into real estate. Now she is one of the most successful realtors in the Treasure Valley.

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Jennifer Anderson, career coach and recruiter

Everything You Need to Know About Working With a Recruiter

Jennifer Anderson, recruiter and career coach of 22 years, shares how to use a recruiter to find your next opportunity to bless the world.

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Courtney Hobbs, landscape designer

On Following a Prompting to Start a Business at the Worst Possible Time

With three little kids and a newborn, Courtney Hobbs did not think she had time to start a business, but she felt inspired to do it anyway. So she took a self-reliance class at church and got her business off the ground—literally.

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Jennifer Fonseca, Destiny Activator

Is Your Resume Stopping You From Achieving Divinely Appointed Goals?

If you don’t write accomplishment-based statements on your resume to showcase the excellent work you do, someone else will. And they wll get the interview and the job!

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