Career guidance from a faith-based perspective

Learn how to think beyond traditional jobs and obsolete career paths to improve your employment, start a side gig, or rock your small business, all with the knowledge that there is a plan for you--you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Why do I need a career coach?
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Valuing the experience gained while being home.

" Thank you for helping me recognize that even though I put my career on hold for 20 years to spend more time with my children, I still developed skills, and obtained valuable experience that helped me to easily qualify for a job in my desired field.”

Amanda Sainsbury

Office Manager


Re-entering the workforce after raising children.

" I am so grateful to Shelley for helping me restructure my resume after taking a break from my career to raise my children. She helped me highlight experiences and skills that were transferable to my professional role and ultimately led to my re-entry into the workforce. "

Elizabeth Brathwaite

Social Worker and

School Counselor


Getting started wherever you are on the path.

" I appreciated what I learned about myself and my abilities as I dove into the material and began creating my resume... Wherever you are on the path of employment, you will find great guidance spiritually and logically to help you find your way in the process. "

Michele Portlock

Autism Behavior Therapist


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After going back to school to get the tools she needed to better-parent her own children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Michele Portlock wanted to share what she learned with other desperate parents.

When my business failed financially, I had to choose between going back to a former career or finding a new way to support my family.

Think you can’t have a career in STEM and raise a family? Dawnika Blatter, PhD, research geologist, worked hard (and feels blessed) to have both the family and the career she always wanted…but it wasn’t easy.

Forget everything you know about network marketing and listen to this interview with Megan Hunter, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, who has been building a thriving business for nearly a decade.

Faithful Career Launches

When I select guests for the Faithful Career Moves podcast, I interview people who are doing what they feel called to do, believe God had a hand in making it happen, are making money and have been in business long enough to prove the sustainability. But I also recognize that it takes time to build a business or a career and I want to celebrate the rising stars just now on the launch pad. So look for recent faithful career launches here.

See Faithful Career Launches.

About Shelley Hunter

Founder of Gift Card Girlfriend, Shelley is a prolific content creator and personal branding expert. For the past 20 years, she's also been coaching people on how to up-level their careers, return to the workforce, and start side gigs of their own. Shelley is a work-at-home mom who left a traditional career as a programmer to be unapologetically home with her kids.

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